Thank you for visiting MD CustomZ and letting us protect your pride and joy.

As the paint protection film has just been installed; it is our duty to inform you on how to keep the 
film maintained and what not to do in the first 7 days of picking up the car.

- Please do not wash your car in the first 7 days after installation, 
the moisture in between the film and the paint surface is still evaporating, 
the edges are also drying so that the adhesive can stick to the paint correctly. 
The use of shampoos will hinder the edges to set correctly.

- As mentioned above the first short period the film is curing, 
you may notice some bubbles or a slight haze in the film but that is nothing to worry about 
as the moisture will evaporate through the pores of the film in the next 2-3 weeks. 
Bubbles can appear and disappear due to the wet method of installation.

- Once the film has cured, you are able to wash the car as normal 
(if possible use the twin bucket method and a lambs wool wash mitt), 
if using a pressure washer insure that you keep the spray lance at least 
3 feet away from the surface of the film especially the edges as the pressure may 
lift the edge of the film.

- The best product to use on the film is PH neutral car 
care products such as Gtechnic or Swissvax shampoo’s.

- In the event you have bug splatter or bird lime you should remove immediately as if left on; 
the acids in the dropping will etch through the self healing layer, coupled with the ambient 
heat produced by the car this may accelerate the process. The best way to remove the bug splatter 
is by using pressurized water from 3 feet away, the best way to remove bird dropping is by pouring 
warm water on the area; leave to soften for a minute then gently use a microfiber cloth only to wipe off.

- If you usually polish or wax your car on a regular basis there are some restrictions on what you can use 
on the film. Polishes that have abrasives may not be used on the film nor products that contain Petroleum 
or Solvents, these products will damage the self healing layer of the film and if solvents are used will 
remove the adhesive. Carful selection of products must be implemented and only natural waxes like ‘Carnauba wax’ 
can be used. Do not use abrasive or resin based products as it can cause a haze to the surface of the film.

- Surface scratches and swirl marks in the film will heal over a period of time, if you needed to accelerate 
the process then pour warm water (not boiling) over the desired area, that will help the upper most layer 
of the film to morph back into its original state.